Friday, June 25, 2010

And now, your moment of the opposte of zen

Earlier today I was leading an outreach at VCC's Summer of Service. Before long I realized the group I was with was from Indianapolis, Indiana... the ancestral Odor homeland. A quick conversation made me realize they lived just a mile or so from where I grew up. This conversation followed:

ME: That's awesome. I lived right by there. Went to Lawrence North High School.

KID: Cool. That's where I'm going to go next year.

ME: Go Wildcats, right? I wonder if the teachers I knew are there... I graduated in 1998.

KID: I was born in 1998.


Amie said...

I was laughing at how OLD you are and then I realized I graduated in 1996. :)

Jeff said...

It's okay bud, there's always someone ahead of you (1977 for me). :)