Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here Comes Some Change

So, two big things happen tomorrow morning.

First, I turn 30. The Big Three Oh. I'm now no longer a twentysomething. Can you be a thirtysomething? Is that a thing? Anyway, that seems like a big deal. Another decade, take stock of life, etc.

The second thing that's happening tomorrow? I turn in my letter of resignation at my work (Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, OH). My last day will be no later than Friday, August 20th. I say "no later" because we may end up moving earlier if I get a job that wants me sooner.

Yes, you're reading that correctly... I have not yet found a job. I'm leaving my current one without having anything lined up. Not that I'm unhappy at the Vineyard. Quite the opposite, actually. I love the church, love the people I work with, love the work, etc.

Nope, I'm leaving VCC because it won't be realistic to commute from Lexington, KY, where we'll be living when Judi starts her PhD in the fall. Not only did she get accepted to Asbury Seminary's Biblical Studies doctoral program (they only took 8 students this year, presumably 4 New Testament and 4 Old Testament), she also got an amazing scholarship. I'm ridiculously proud of her... she got into a VERY competitive program and will be going to school for free. Again.

No word yet on what I'll be doing. Corporate trainer? Chik-Fil-A manager? Bank teller? Manager at an Amazon warehouse? Work at a church? I have no idea.

I see the next chapter of life rapidly approaching, and it looks like it's gonna be a blast. But I'd be a liar if I said that change didn't make me nervous.


Amie said...

Micah (and Judi) I am so proud of you both! I am sure you will both do well in your new adventures. I'll praying for a great job in your new city.

aligwhit said...

Still can't believe you're moving...where is Lexington anyway? I don't even know. I'm excited for this new chapter in Judi's life and yours too, but I'm sure going to miss seeing y'all when I come to Cinci for a visit. Please tell Judi "CONGRATS!!!" I couldn't be happier for her :-)

I have no doubt that God has you both safe in His arms, but I also understand the unsteadiness that you're feeling. He LOVES your faith though, big brother and I'm so anticipating GOOD, GOOD things! You and Judi are such a blessing! I will see you soon as I'm planning a trip up there in June...just not sure when yet.

aligwhit said...

P.S. Thirty, shmirty...I'm gonna be 33 soon. Ugh.

That being said, I hope your b-day is wonderful! And I hope Jesus knocks your socks off w/ lots of little surprises! ENJOY!!!

Mo said...

I love lifes adventures, the twist and turns, all the unknowns; it's what makes it exciting. Looks like you are embracing it all quite well.

Dan Evans said...

Exciting stuff. Happy Birthday! I'm right behind you buddy.

Anonymous said...

Change is the only constant. :) Congratulations to Judi - what an awesome opportunity. We'll be sad to see you leave VCC though... Happy Birthday too!

postmodern redneck said...

Found this blog after you commented on mine the other day. I edited the post to include the link you requested.

Clicked on your name first, then your blog. I'm a native of Cincinnati myself, and spent most of ten years at VCC ('95-'05, with some time out to help start Batesville Vineyard).

But to borrow from aligwhit, thirty, schmirty, ...I'm 60.

Alise said...

Thirtysomething is so a word that it was a television show back in the day! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirtysomething_(TV_series)

Clicked over from Rachel Held Evans's blog. Praying for an easy transition for you both!