Friday, April 24, 2009

Shameless Broadcasting of Personal Info

It took far longer than we expected, but once again I'm a daddy. Holy cow is it amazing. Liam Nathaniel was born Wednesday evening... a healthy 9 lbs, 3.4 oz. Judi's doing great. Those who know us may remember that Jenna's birth was pretty rough, but this one went fine.

They held Liam an extra day because he had a heart murmur and he failed his hearing check. Both cleared up by the following day, so they released us this morning.

God is so good. Thanks a ton to all of our friends who supported us (or just offered to). We were well-covered this time because my parents and Judi's parents were both in town to help with Jenna-care.

Jenna's first look at Liam.

The three most important people in my life.

I love you all (well, most of you) and look forward to introducing you to my son!


ylmurph said...

that is an all time classic pic

Congratulations big fella

Anonymous said...

That's a great pic. Congratulations again!!