Thursday, April 9, 2009

I blame the young people!

They are the cause of the downfall of America!

Or not.

I tend to feel like Skye buys into too much hype, but in this case he does a great job of picking apart a stupid argument.

From reading Mohler's numerous posts about singleness and delayed marriage, he appears to be saying that if immature, selfish, and lazy young adults (and many of us are) would just get married and have kids they’d be forced to “grow up.” Unfortunately, my experience has proven the opposite. I’ve seen too many young families torn apart (both Christian and non) because a husband or wife proved to lack the maturity required for a stable marriage. Simply walking the aisle, saying the vows, and sharing a bed and bank account did not magically bring maturity. If marriage really is the prescribed avenue for maturity, as some have been promoting, then shouldn't the church be advocating more teen marriages?

Well worth reading. You'll thank me later.

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Danielle said...

I was really struck by this line -

"I don’t believe our core problem is the increasing number of single adults, but rather a church built upon the gospel of marriage and family rather than the gospel of Christ."

Its interesting to me that many Christians do think that the ideal is marriage, but from what i have read both Paul and Christ Himself said it was better not to marry...