Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship with my email. On the good side, I can use Gmail instead of Outlook. Outlook was spawned in the fires of hell by Bill Gates himself. On the bad side, I get a lot of email. And most of it's not of the FYI variety. So I end up having a lot of email that requires a real response.

My system is to keep something marked as unread until I've handled it. Unfortunately this comes out to a lot of unread email. So this week I'm zeroboxing: pounding away on my email to get every single email out of my inbox. Tuesday when I got in I had 120 unread conversations, and I didn't allow myself to go home until I was at 60. Yesterday the goal was to get answer everything that came in since Tuesday, plus get down to 40. I hit 27. Today the goal was 20, except that I've been away from my computer all day so I'm backup to 61. Gah.

It's been a long day... I'm not sure if I'm up to solving 41 problems before I go to bed. But I'm not done working tomorrow until that thing is clean.

We'll see how it works.

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