Monday, September 29, 2008

Cleaning the Car (Alternate title: My terrible approach to relationships)

So Monday's my day off, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time today cleaning the outside of my car. It's ridiculous because I'm not a car person... it's just 4 wheels that gets me around, and I'll drive it until those wheels fall off.

But I really haven't taken good care of the car over the past few years. We haven't had a garage since we moved to Cincinnati, and so my car gets pretty beaten up on the outside. I've hand washed it a few times, and sent it through the Shell Wash when it needs it. Last year I even splurged on Mike's. But overall I've just let it be.

That thing was in really bad shape. So I spent today buffing the top layer of oxidized paint off, polishing it, re-waxing it, and then hitting the glass with Rain-X for a finishing touch (that stuff is magic). The car's in good shape, and should be for a while. Half a day of hard work and I'm back where I should have been.

But it would have been better not to get to this situation in the first place.

Here's the nasty realization I had tonight: I do this with relationships too. I let them go on autopilot until they're a mess, then go overboard until they're back up to speed. Then I ignore them again.

Why do I do that? And it's not just me... you do it too. But it's just so easy to be reactive.

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