Friday, March 29, 2013

God Breaks Through

'Another brick in the wall' photo (c) 2004, Steve Kwan - license:

I work at a church.  It's an incredible privilege to be able to give your best hours of the week to the Kingdom, and it's not a privilege I take lightly.  But there's something that happens when your church is your job... it's easy to miss the point.

It's so easy to get into "Work Mode."  Who do I need to talk to? What responsibilities do I need to take care of?  What am I doing after I finish this?  Even when I visit a different church where I have no responsibilities, it's easy to get stuck in my default (analytical/critical) state.  "Why do they play that song that way?  How have they set up their greeters?  Why are they mixing the sound that way?  Should I steal that line?"

It's easy to be in my own self-absorbed world.  Sometimes God just waits for me to get over myself, like a friend waiting for me to come to the door.  Sometimes I hear him knock.

But sometimes he simply breaks through.  Unwilling to wait, unwilling to be the second-most important thing in my life, unwilling to let me miss Him due to my own distraction... sometimes God simply breaks through.

I hope this Easter, you can experience that, if just for a moment.  May God break through your preoccupation and meet with you.  May you be aware of that when it happens.

I hope your Friday was Good.

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