Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What We've Been Talking About

So over the past six weeks, a group of us has been meeting every Wednesday and talking about some of the "big questions" of life and Christianity. The last post on this (sadly neglected) blog, in fact, was immediately after Week 1. Several people have asked for audio, so here it is. I posted it in my Dropbox account, linked it to this blog, and then will link this blog post to Facebook so people can find it. What a tangled web we weave.

Week 1: What Would You Ask God? (Audio Link)
In our first week, I gave a little bit of my own backstory, we talked about faith as a journey, and we talked about God being big enough for our biggest questions.

Week 2: Who Was Jesus?  (Audio Link)
In our second week, I talked about Jesus. Who was he, what did he teach, what kind of evidence should we accept, and why should we care?

Week 3: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?  (Audio Link)
In Week 3, special guest Griff Ray talked about the cross: what is it, and why do Christians care so much about it?

Week 4: Can We Trust the Bible?  (Audio Link)
This week, special guest Barry Davis talked about the Bible: it's composition, it's trustworthiness, and what it means for us.

Week 5: Why is There Evil and Suffering in the World?  (Audio Link)
This week, we talked about the millenia-old question: If God is good, and powerful, and he loves us, then why is so much of our world jacked up?

Week 6: What's Next?  (Audio Link)
In our closing week, we talked about where we go from here and what it really means to follow Christ. We also had a fair number of tangents, as people brought up questions that hadn't been answered in the class.

I really enjoyed interacting with this crew.  Everybody had such good/honest/authentic questions and a willingness to really take a hard look at what we believe and why.  A fantastic time was had (by me, at least).

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