Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cleaning out the hard drive...

It's my last week at work, so I'm getting ready to give back my work laptop. I've found lots of stuff on here that I'd forgotten, but here's my favorite. Little jab at all of my friends on Twitter.

Venn Diagram of Personality Disorders and Social Media

Of course, since this blog auto-feeds to my Facebook account, I'm probably well into the "Narcissism" category.

Expect to see a torrent of blogging this week, as I publish all of the little things that I'd stashed away to share "later."


Jes said...

LOL. Well said, Micah

Timothy Rayner said...

I too found this funny but as someone who has ADHD I would disagree with your description of it as a 'personality disorder'. While ADHD CAN have the effect of making me seem rude (for instance I have intruded on conversations before because I haven't realised that people were having them) and in some cases can cause a disproportionate emotional response for the most part I don't think it could be described as a personality disorder.

Most of my friends would describe me as a very personable, er, person.