Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting my head straight: It's really an honor

Today I tried to walk (with a new friend) from the Atrium at church to my office. I bet I got stopped 20 times by people I know, and almost none of them were just "Hey Micah good to see you." Over half where "Thanks for your voicemail I'll call you back tomorrow" or "Hey did you get my email" or "Are we still on to meet this week" or something like that. I've kind of taken for granted the number of people I interact with in a given week, but as I walked with someone who barely knows me, I was absolutely stunned at how bizarre this must look. It felt like every person in the hallway wanted to talk to me.

Recently I've felt burned out by the amount of communicating I've been doing. My level of connection is the highest it's ever been. I've always been the crazy extrovert in my social circle, so it takes a lot to max me out relationally. Recently, though, I've been there. That's a big part of the reason this blog has been neglected... I didn't want people to think "What, he has enough time to blog but not to respond to my email?"

This afternoon, as I sat in my office and tried to catch up on email, voicemail, and messages of all kinds (I've gotten a dozen calls or texts since getting to my desk), God really pushed home the point that it's an honor to be involved in the lives of so many people I care about. I've been badly behind on my communication for a month now, which makes me feel like a failure for big chunks of my day. And I'm not denying that I need to do a better job at keeping everything going.

But for the rest of the day, I'm going to forget all of that, and just focus on what a privilege it is to have so many people care about me, and so many people allow me to be a part of their lives. It's really amazing that someone as awkward as me can have so many people in my life.

Now, back to that email. Let's see if I can clear out one more folder before I go home.

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Rachel H. Evans said...

Needed to hear this today. :-) Good post, Micah.