Monday, February 9, 2009


So it's always a little odd to me to watch the way Christians use curse words. My theory is that there are at least two different parts to cussing: 1. the "uncontrolled tongue" part that has to shout an expletive, and 2. the taboo nature of the word.

That's really poor English. Let me try again.

I had a buddy in high school who, when he hit his thumb with a hammer, would yell "Cheese and Rice"instead of Jesu Christo. Ok, points for not "using the Lord's name in vain" although that's not what that verse is about.

It seems to me, though, that if you're so angry that you have to yell, "shoot" is about the same as "sh*t." "Darn" doesn't seem far different from "d@mn." I'm not advocating the latter, I'm questioning the use of the former.

Ahh, whatever. This soliloquy was really just filler so that I could introduce the coolest thing I've seen this week: The Biblical Curse Generator.

May you be mocked by eunuchs, O thou lazy Babylonian!

Hear this, O ye lying Girgashite, for you will be cast onto a steaming dung-heap!



Anonymous said...

What was that? What's that verse is actually about? That's actually my "guidelines" to curse, (not that I curse often, but I admit that sometimes I just want to say something). The guideline is not to use the name of God in vain. AND something that related to the name of women who gave birth to us all.

So I prefer the former than the later.

Teach us what to do when we "want" to curse.

The bible curse generator is way to long to remember....:) I'd laugh if I have to find my note cards before speaking...:)

Micah said...

Basic version: I think most commentators would say it's about not claiming to follow God if your actions don't back it up.

As far as what to do when we WANT to curse, I'd say this would be a passage to keep in mind:;&version=31;