Friday, January 16, 2009


So last night at the Lift we kicked off a month of talking about Elijah (mp3s should be up soon). The dude is a puzzle. One moment he's calling out a wicked king, the next minute he's running for his life. He goes to a cut-out hole in the desert east of the Jordan, and stays there by a brook. He drinks stagnant pond water and eats food from the mouths of scavenging birds. It's not nearly as cool as the picture makes it look.

And then he waits there for God to move him again. I hate waiting. I hate feeling like I'm just sitting on the shelf, unable to contribute. That's why I love the Vineyard... even before I was on staff, I felt that God had things for me to do there. That I didn't need to wait for life to start. That the kingdom is coming NOW, not at some random point in the future.

Sometimes I wait because God has me in a place and I can't leave until I learn something. But often I wait because I lack the initiative to get up and go.

Aught Nine is, for me, the year of not waiting. At least that's the plan. If God is on the move, why am I sitting around?

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