Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ninety-Six Dollars

Here's what we bought yesterday for less than half of our monthly grocery budget. It helps to have a bunch of post-thanksgiving sales, it helps to only buy the best deals from 4 different stores, it helps to stick with the basics (no pre-packaged meals, chips, or alcohol), and it helps to have a coupon ninja for a wife. But seriously: $96.

17 lb turkey
11 lb turkey
2 boxes stuffing
2 cans sweet/condensed milk
2 cans pumpkin
5lbs potatoes
3.25 lbs dehydrated potatoes
1 gal whole milk
.5 gal soy milk
2.5 lb dried milk
1 frozen orange juice
1 bag lentils
6 lbs apples
4 lbs broccoli
5 lbs Bisquick
12 cans mushrooms
5 lbs Swiss Miss
5 instant pudding (2 choc, 2 cheesecake, 1 pumpkin spice)
tea bags
children's tylenol
allergy medicine

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